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                                 Strength IS the foundation of all performance-based training. Conventional wisdom leads us to believe that strength can only be developed in a gym with specific tools and cookie-cutter set and rep schemes. I am here to crush the “science” behind what you think you may know about strength training whether you read it in the health magazines bombarded with plans for 6-pack-abs and mountainous biceps that ONLY worked for others or whether you buy in to every and any fitness DVD you see on TV making false promises.  Strength requires discipline, variety, simplicity, and a willingness to change.

If you are tired of doing the same old plan that you have been doing for YEARS with little or no progress; or, if you are sick of trying a new “program” every month because you are not seeing the results you wanted, then end your search because we design your training plan based off of YOUR goals and needs.

End the mindset that you think you need to workout with only dumbbells and barbells.  Those who fail to realize the availability and the effectiveness in the variety of tools out there today will fail to make continuous progress.  At Chacon Performance Training our methods are not pretty, and at times they are down right brutal, but they get results!  Expect to train with your own bodyweight, drag sleds, swing kettlebells, throw around sandbags, and even strengthen your mental state will by engaging in competitions or combatives.

The confidence and usable foundation of strength that you develop here will be like nothing that you have experienced before.  Before you make the choice decide whether you have the discipline to make a lasting change and what or who you are really doing this for.   I don’t care how detrained or how much of a lack of experience you have.  If you have the light in your eye to train and you take responsibility for your actions and don’t make excuses then this is the place for you.

Stronger Everyday,

Jon Chacon

Head Coach/Owner

Austin Performance Fitness

Jon Chacon Performance Systems,  LLC.

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